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Product tier: Available to all subscription tiers with HRIS Link add-on

HRIS Link for Workforce Now is a partial platform integration that allows customers to import users and export new hires. It allows you to sync new hire data from Greenhouse Recruiting to ADP Workforce Now once they’re marked as “hired.” This bidirectional sync seamlessly integrates with Greenhouse Recruiting to maintain data quality between hiring and HR software without manual or redundant tasks.

Set up the integration

To set up the integration, you'll need to purchase the integration from the ADP Marketplace. However, before you start the purchase, open Greenhouse Recruiting and navigate to the HRIS Link setup page. (Configure > Dev Center > HRIS Link for ADP)

Keep this page open. You'll need it at a couple points in the setup.

In another tab, open the ADP Marketplace and sign in.

Find the Greenhouse integration, and proceed through the purchase process. Your organization ID will be listed on the HRIS Link page in Greenhouse Recruiting.

Once the purchase is complete, navigate back to Greenhouse and complete the remaining steps to provide data consent and test the connection. Once the steps on the page are finished, the initial integration setup is completed.

Update settings in ADP

After you've configured your ADP connection, you'll need to update the settings of the onboarding templates in ADP to finish the setup:

  • Log into ADP as a user who can assign and manage templates.
  • Click Setup and select Hire/Rehire under Template Management.
  • Find each onboarding template that you want to use with the integration, and set it to Active.

Next, you'll need to update the permissions of each template:

  • Open the Onboarding template and click Assign Users.
  • Select the Practitioner and Don't inactivate or delete this profile. Membership changes could impact any existing integrations in the assignment section.
  • Finalize the setup by clicking Next > Next > Submit.

Repeat these steps for each onboarding template that you want to use with the Greenhouse Recruiting / ADP Workforce Now integration. 

Once the templates are set to Active and their permissions have been updated, you'll be able to export new hires from Greenhouse Recruiting to ADP WorkforceNow.

Export a candidate

When you create an offer in Greenhouse Recruiting, you'll have the option to send the new hire's information to ADP Workforce Now. When the candidate is marked as hired, their information will be sent to ADP.

Each new hire will include the following information:

Greenhouse field name ADP field name Field type Existing/New Greenhouse field Job field Offer field
Name Birth name Textbox Existing    
Name Legal name Textbox Existing    
Export to Workforce Now N/A Yes/No New  
Email address Email address Textbox Existing    
Resolved at Hire date Date Existing  
ADP Workforce Now Onboarding Template Onboarding template code Single select New
-- Onboarding status Always “in progress” --    
ADP Workforce Now Company Code Company code Single select New
ADP Workforce Now Job Code Job title Single select New
ADP Workforce Now Department Code Department Single select New
ADP Workforce Now Cost Center Code Cost center Single select New
ADP Workforce Now Location Code Location Single select New  
ADP Workforce Now Salary Salary Currency New  
ADP Workforce Now Hourly Pay Rate Hourly pay rate Currency New  
ADP Workforce Now Daily Pay Rate Daily pay rate Currency New  
ADP Workforce Now Pay Frequency Pay frequency Single select New  
Address Address Textbox Existing    
Phone Number - Home Home phone Textbox Existing    
Phone Number - Mobile Personal mobile Textbox Existing    

User sync

Setting up user sync allows your organization to automatically create a user account in Greenhouse Recruiting when an employee at your organization has an account in ADP Workforce Now. All valid ADP users (both active and inactive) will be included in this sync, and will be sent over with the following information:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Employee ID
  • Status

Note: Users will be skipped in the sync if they're missing any of the following fields in their account:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Employee ID
  • Email

After you purchase the HRIS Link integration from the ADP marketplace, a representative from Greenhouse will be in touch to discuss the implementation of the user sync.