In February 2024, Google and Yahoo mail delivery services released changes that add additional requirements to organizations that send emails in bulk.

DMARC Records

Starting in February 2024, DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance) records will be required by Google and Yahoo for successful email delivery. The absence of a DMARC policy in your email domain setup absence may cause issues with emails sent outside of Greenhouse.

To avoid issues, make sure a DMARC record has been added to your root domain. DMARC records are not required on any subdomains

If your organization is using the gh-mail subdomain, the DMARC record needs to have a "relaxed" policy for aspf and adkim. DMARC records are typically set to "relaxed" by default.

If your organization uses a strict policy or doesn't use the gh-mail subdomain, you must register your domain without the gh-mail subdomain.

  • Click Configure > Email Settings.
  • If your domain is already registered with the gh-mail subdomain, remove the domain.
  • Add your domain again, this time with an exclamation point (!) before the domain name (For example, ! The exclamation point tells Greenhouse Recruiting not to add the gh-mail subdomain.

Unsubscribe Header

Google and Yahoo are introducing a requirement for a one-click unsubscribe link in 'promotional' emails sent by 'bulk senders.'

While Greenhouse is not accustomed to sending promotional emails, we are implementing changes to comply with these requirements. This ensures the continued delivery of your emails, especially in the case that our communications are miscategorized as promotional content.