Arc is an AI-powered global talent marketplace that connects great remote engineers with companies worldwide. Arc makes it easier than ever to hire the world’s best remote developers. Upload your job description and Arc’s HireAI instantly matches you with top candidates from our global network of 300,000+ developers, saving you valuable time and effort. Schedule interviews with your preferred candidates and manage the entire process seamlessly within Greenhouse.

Arc’s integration with Greenhouse Recruiting allows users to source, access, engage, and track candidates from Arc.

Configure the Arc integration

To connect Arc with Greenhouse, you will need to authorize Arc through OAuth by setting up and granting authorization.

From your Arc dashboard’s second navigation bar, click ATS settings.

In the Greenhouse section, click Connect.

You will be directed to Greenhouse’s authorization page. Sign in to your Greenhouse account to continue the authorization and review the permission list. Once you’re done reviewing, click Authorize.

Upon successful authorization, you’ll be directed back to Arc’s ATS settings page. In the Greenhouse section, you’ll see a green check with “Connected” to indicate that Arc and Greenhouse are now connected.

Use the Arc integration with Greenhouse Recruiting

Once Arc is connected to Greenhouse Recruiting, you can start to link matching jobs. To add Arc candidates to your Greenhouse, you will need to link jobs before sending interview invites.

There are three ways to link jobs:

Link candidates through the ATS settings page

Click Link jobs.

From the drop-down menu of each job, select the job you want to link. When done, click Update.

A pop-up will appear to review your selection. After reviewing, click Confirm to complete the job link.

Link candidates when adding a new job

At the bottom of Section 1 “Job details”, immediately below “Number of openings”, click on the drop down for “Link this job to your ATS”.

Select the job you want to link.

Continue to fill out the job form. When complete, click Post job.

Upon successful job post and link, on the next page, you’ll see the job link status as “ATS linked” below the job title.

Link candidates on the Job Settings page

Click Job settings on the job page to link the job.

At the bottom of Section 1 (Job details) click on the drop-down for Link this job to your ATS.

Select the job you want to link.

After selection, click Save changes.

Upon successful job link, on the next page, you’ll see the job link status as “ATS linked” below the job title.

View linked candidates in Greenhouse Recruiting

When a candidate accepts your interview invite, their information will be sent to Greenhouse Recruiting:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Phone number (if available)
  • Email
  • Arc profile
  • Resume

Based on your decisions in Greenhouse, interview decisions in Arc will be automatically changed to “Hired” or “Rejected”.

Additional Resources

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