With this integration, users will be able to source, access, engage, and track candidates from Workshape.io 

Step 1 

Go to http://stage.workshape.io/signin

Login using your credentials 

Step 2 (Only first time) 

On the navigation bar on your left, click on integrations, then click on the Greenhouse integration in the page just opened ( Should say Not configured)


Step 3

Authorize WorkShape.io to use your Greenhouse account through the Greenhouse oAuth 2.0 flow


Step 4

Once the integration is authorized and back to WorkShape.io - click on Positions in the left-hand navigation bar - then, click on Create new position.. - a modal should appear showing you all jobs you have access to on the authorized Greenhouse account - choose one to continue.


Step 5

Proceed to fill the rest of the form and save the position as a draft:


Step 6

Now publish the position that was just created, and wait for matches to be generated - if you don’t get any matches continue by choosing one of the positions already created for you on the left hand side (see API Designer in the following screenshot)


Step 7

Click on one of the matches to the position you’ve chosen - from here, you can either explicitly export the match to Greenhouse or message them (and they will be automatically exported from you - once you performed on of the following actions (or the person you were matched to performs themselves any similar actions on the match) the candidate will be added in Greenhouse automatically (see screenshot)


Step 8

The WorkShape.io match is now linked to a newly created Greenhouse candidate - you will now see a new link on the match view saying "View on Greenhouse” - this will allow you to go directly to Greenhouse to see the imported profile.

Also, the actions "Export again” and “Unlink” will now appear - allowing to 1. Re-export the candidate in case it was accidentally deleted from the ATS (It will not create a new candidate in case the old one still exist) or unlink the WorkShape.io match from the Greenhouse candidate (useful for testing the feature more than once).


Step 9

In WorkShape.io, go back to Positions > Create new position.. - when prompted to select a position from greenhouse just choose None - complete the wizard with some random information, then publish.

Once the position is published, you’ll be able to check that even if the position was created without being linked to a Greenhouse job, it can be linked directly from both the position overview and the match view, in just two clicks.