How to Integrate 

Direct-integration with Greenhouse takes just a few clicks through the Harvest API, as long as you have the Administrator Permissions to access the API screen & settings.

  1. Log into your Brilent Account, and click Settings in the upper-right corner of your browser, and click Company Account.
  2. Scroll down to Integrations, and select Greenhouse (see screen shot below).
  3. Within your Greenhouse Login Settings, make sure you have Developer Permission that can manage ALL organization's API Credentials. If you do not have these permissions, work with your Greenhouse Administrator.
  4. If so, go to click on Create New API Key.
  5. Type in "Brilent"in Description and select Harvest in Type.
  6. Copy and paste the resulting API key in the API box, click Save, and integration is complete (see screen shot below).


Settings: Integrations (screen shot)