Configure automated rules for campaign pools

Permissions: Site Admins, and users with CRM access and a Sourcing Automation seat

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers with the Sourcing Automation add-on

Automated rules boost your sourcing team's productivity by taking quick action on prospects within your campaign pools. Apply rules to advance or reject prospects automatically based on specific behaviors, reducing the amount of manual prospect upkeep and promoting good data hygiene for your campaign pools. 

Site Admins and Sourcing Automation users with an admin seat can set up automated rules for your entire organization's campaign pools in Configure. In addition, campaign pool owners can control automated rules for individual campaign pools within campaign-level settings. This article covers how to enable both types of automated rules.

Enable organization-level rules

Site Admins and Sourcing Automation admin users can turn on automated rules for all campaign pools to streamline your entire team's sourcing workflows. Organization-level automated rules will apply to every campaign pool created across your organization.

Navigate to Configure Sourcing Automation.

On the Sourcing Automation settings page, scroll to Automated rules.

Check the box to enable or deactivate the following organization-wide rules:

  • Stop considering a prospect who doesn't respond to a finished campaign: Automatically reject prospects who don't reply to a completed campaign after a specified number of days. Prospects will be assigned the Unresponsive rejection reason.
  • Stop considering a prospect who unsubscribes from a campaign: Automatically rejects prospects when they unsubscribe from your campaign pool. When a candidate is rejected, the  Wasn't interested rejection reason will be added to their profile.

Enable campaign-level rules

Campaign pool owners can also configure automated rules for their individual campaign pools, giving them the flexibility to apply additional automation beyond what's been set at the organization level.

From your Greenhouse Recruiting dashboard, navigate to CRM Campaign pools

Open the campaign pool where you want to apply automated rules.

Next, navigate to your campaign pool's Settings tab and enable the rules under the Automated campaign rules section: 

  • Convert a prospect to a candidate when they're assigned the "Interested" sentiment: Converts a prospect record to a candidate record, moves and moves them into a specific stage on a job when they're tagged with the Interested sentiment by someone on your sourcing team. 

Note: You can only add candidates to jobs for which you've been granted permission to move candidates. Learn more.