Completing your Email Verification

Why verify your email domain with Greenhouse? 

Verifying your email domain with Greenhouse is crucial part of your Greenhouse implementation! The email verification process ensures the deliverability of emails to candidates (that is, it helps prevent emails from going to spam) and ensures that your emails come from your company domain, rather than “sent via Greenhouse”. It is very important that your IT team chooses one of the options below. If you do not fully verify your domain with Greenhouse it is likely that your emails will go to candidates’ spam.

Greenhouse sends all emails from a third-party email provider called Mailgun. In the verification process, your email domain will be registered with Greenhouse and Mailgun and you will receive a set of SPF/DKIM records for your IT team to add to your company’s DNS configuration. In some circumstances, you may also receive MX records. Once these records have been added, your domain will be fully verified. Please keep in mind that all types of  the DNS records (SPF/DKIM and, if applicable, MX) MUST be added in order for your domain to be considered verified.

Please ask your I.T. team to choose and complete one of the options below:

  1. Standard email verification using your root domain
  2. Register a gh-mail subdomain. Use this if:
  • Your domain is already registered with Mailgun
  • Your organization cannot add new SPF records to your root domain


Standard Email Verification

Detailed instructions for verifying your domain with this option can be found here:


Register a gh-mail subdomain

If your IT team cannot add your root domain, you can register a gh-mail subdomain instead. For example, if the last part of your email address is “”, you can enter the subdomain “” into Step 1 on the Email Settings page in your Greenhouse account:

We register “gh-mail” subdomains with Mailgun in a way that allows your users to still send emails from their regular “” addresses, even though your email is verified with a subdomain. You can read more about this option and how to register a gh-mail subdomain here:


**If you have other requirements that are not covered here, you may be able to use one of our options that sends email using your own email infrastructure. These are paid options that will require someone from your IT team to work with one of our solutions engineers on a custom SMTP setup. Please reach out to your Account Manager or support contact for more information.

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