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I use EBI. What does the integration look like? How do I enable it?

The integration between EBI and Greenhouse allows a Recruiter to launch background screening for candidates directly from Greenhouse.  This integration supports both a one step and two-step process. The configuration differences are outlined in this FAQ.

The following is an overview of the steps involved with the integration.

  • Package is selected at job creation time but can be altered via an offer.
  • Recruiter selects the candidate and clicks on “Move Stage -> predefined triggering stage”
  • Greenhouse posts the candidate information to EBI.
  • If Harvest API is enabled, updates are posted back to Greenhouse as screening is processed.
  • If Harvest API is enabled detailed results are available through the link back to EBI.

The integration is built using Greenhouse’s public API’s to transfer candidate data between the two systems.

Notes about this integration:

  1. Packages are maintained on the Greenhouse platform and selected at job creation time. They can be overwritten at background check submission via the offer.
  2. Orders are matched to the user by the recruiter email being passed.   
  3. Greenhouse uses a shared secret key for authentication.
  4. Greenhouse passes very basic applicant info.  All Greenhouse clients using this must use the applicant portal to obtain the needed applicant info and authorization forms.
  5. Greenhouse configuration is done by client, Greenhouse or consultant.

How clients request this integration:

  1. Contact the EBI integrations team at

Greenhouse Configuration:

The GREENHOUSE setup process is as follows.


  1. Ask a Site Admin with Advanced permissions to log into Greenhouse
  2. Have them select Configure > Users > Your Name
  3. At the bottom of the page, select Can manage and configure web hooks
  4. Save
  5. Repeat for anyone else that should have access

Create Webhook:

The Webhook API is the basic API from Greenhouse that pushes the applicant data to EBI.  This is used to configure the background check trigger and push candidate data to EBI.  It permits a single acknowledgement that EBI accepted the order. 

  1. Contact EBI and request the completed configuration form (copy in appendix).
  2. Log into your Greenhouse account
  3. Select Configure > Dev Center > Web Hooks > Web Hooks 
  4. The “Create a new Web Hook” page will open. 
  5. Complete the configuration setting with the information provided by the Integrations Team at EBI (
  6. Click Create Web Hook.
  7. The basic setup is now complete and the two systems are connected.   

Setup Packages:

Packages are configured at the client level via the configuration settings. You will be creating a dropdown list of the packages to be offered when the background check process is initiated. A default package can be configured when the job is created and optionally be overwritten when the background check is submitted.   

  1. Select Configure > Custom Options.
  2. Select the edit icon (pencil) next to the Background Check Package field. 
  3. Type in or paste the list of packages into the Options box.
  4. Click “save” to save the package list. 

The next step is optional and is only required if you use a “One-Plus” or “Two” step workflow or if you want to have status updates posted back to Greenhouse.

Generate Harvest API key: (Optional)

  The Harvest API gives EBI more access to your Greenhouse environment and allows EBI to post updates to the candidate's activity feed as the order progresses. As such it does provide EBI access to update candidate information, add attachments and advance, reject or move applications. EBI will only update the candidate’s activity log and will not perform any of these other actions.  However, you should be aware of the additional security the API enables.  Without this security enabled, EBI cannot post updates as the order progresses.

  1. Log into your Greenhouse account
  2. Select Configure > API Credentials >Create New API Key


  1. In the “Create new credential” box enter EBI-POSTBACK for the description and select Harvest as the type.


  1. Click the create button to generate the new key.
  2. You will be presented with the new key. Copy the key by selecting the copy button.



  1. Send the KEY to EBI at



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Demo video

For more on the integration, please view this video: