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Greenhouse Onboarding: Attaching Multiple Documents to a Task

As an employee you may be asked to attach "two forms of legal ID" or other documents to a Task. As an Admin, you may need to attach multiple documents to a Task as added context for the person who will be responsible for completing the task. 

As an employee, if you need to attach multiple documents to a Task, follow the instructions below. 

  • From your email notification, select the name of the Task


  • Or, if you are already logged in to Greenhouse Onboarding, navigate to your Tasks by selecting the Task menu at the top of the screen
  • Find the Task you need to attach documents to and select the Task so that it opens
  • Select attach document

  • Highlight as many documents as you need to attach and choose Open

  • Save the Task

  • Ta-Da! You're done!
  • If you need to check, or download the new attachments, open the Task and select Download