Depending on how a task is configured, the assignee may be required (or optionally elect) to attach a supplementary file to mark a task as complete. For instance, a task assigned to a New Hire might require an employee to attach two forms of legal identification or other documentation to the task. 

To attach a document or file to a task, navigate to the email notification sent to the assignee and click View Tasks in Greenhouse Onboarding


The assignee will be directed to their Tasks page. Click the appropriate task, then click Add Attachment to select and upload the requested file(s). 


Once the file(s) is uploaded, the assignee can click Mark complete


Alternatively, the assignee can mark the task as complete by navigating directly to their Greenhouse Onboarding user account.

From the assignee's Home page, navigate to the My Tasks panel and click the appropriate task.


From the subsequent Task detail dialog box, click Add Attachment and upload a file directly from your computer. Repeat as necessary.


Once a file is added to the task you can mark the task as complete by clicking Mark complete


The task will be marked as complete.