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I use Jobbatical. What does the integration look like? How do I enable it?

With this integration, users will be able to source, access, engage, and track candidates from Jobbatical.

Configuring the Integration

Adding Candidates to Greenhouse 

Configuring the Integration

  • The integrations page is available on the main navigation menu
  • The integrations page looks like this before integration
  • The user clicks “Integrate Greenhouse” and is taken to Greenhouse authentication dialog


  • After authenticating the user is taken back to integrations page where it shows how many jobs there are in Jobbatical and are not connected to Greenhouse. Initially it will be 0 connected. User then clicks on not connected jobs and is taken to job mapping page.


Adding Candidates to Greenhouse

After authenticating Greenhouse account with Jobbatical, Jobbatical allows users to map existing roles on Jobbatical to available roles in Greenhouse.

After confirming the mapping all existing applicants and all future applicants to the role in Jobbatical will be added to corresponding job in Greenhouse.

All candidates will be added to specific jobs and not as prospects.

Information that is passed on from Jobbatical to Greenhouse:

  • Name
  • Available contact information (e-mail address, social media links)
  • Cover letter + CV as PDF
  • User picks from the corresponding dropdown menu a role in Greenhouse. The content of the dropdown is pulled from Greenhouse.          
  • After making the selection user saves the changes and is taken to confirmation page.
  • User can also show expired jobs in Jobbatical to connect to Greenhouse. Expired jobs are hidden by default.
  • This is the confirmation page where user can check to make sure jobs were mapped right. After confirming all existing applicants from the jobs in Jobbatical will be ingested to corresponding role in Greenhouse. As will all future applicants.
  • Back in integrations page user sees how many jobs are and are not mapped to Greenhouse.
  • When user chooses an to connect from a specific job view then the mapping page will show all jobs, but will highlight the specific job and show it first.
  • When the job in Jobbatical is connected to Greenhouse then in the applications view user will see the Greenhouse stage of each applicant and each stage links to the application in Greenhouse.