With this integration, users will be able to source, access, engage, and track candidates from Connectifier.

Part 1

  • Ask a Site Admin with Advanced permissions to log into Greenhouse
  • Have them select Configure > Users > Your Name
  • At the bottom of the page, select Can manage ALL organization's API credentials
  • Save
  • Repeat for anyone else that should have access

Part 2

Follow these steps to generate your API key:

  • Click the Configure tab
  • Click Dev Center
  • Click API Credential Management


On the API Credential Management page, click the Create New API Key button.


From the Client Application drop-down menu, select Connectifier and enter a description for internal reference (although it is optional).


If the Greenhouse user has already installed the Connectifier extension, the Connectifier sidebar will pop open from this Greenhouse page, and upon generating the keys, they can copy and paste them to send them securely to Connectifier, where they are stored encrypted.  This is what the sidebar looks like:


Alternatively, Connectifier allows Greenhouse customers to enter their Greenhouse credentials by going to www.connectifier.com/ats. This is what that page looks like:


Note that Greenhouse has two separate types of keys. One is the “Partner” key, which allows users to add profiles from Connectifier to Greenhouse. The other one is the “Harvest” key which allows Connectifier to search the customers current Greenhouse candidate database to be able to link profiles to candidates that have already been loaded into Greenhouse. This feature helps recruiters from adding the same person multiple times.

Adding Candidates to Greenhouse from Connectifier  

Greenhouse customers use Connectifier to search for candidates in a couple of ways. One is through www.connectifier.com, where they can enter various search criteria and search directly from our website. The other way is if they are on another site like www.linkedin.com, then what happens is Connectifier shows a sidebar extension on the browser which augments the LinkedIn data with Connectifier data, and from that sidebar, they can click to add the data from that profile into Greenhouse.

These are the fields that we try to add to profile if we have them:






-LinkedIn profile page added to social_media

-Connectifier profile page added to social_media


-external_id (maps to personId of the Connectifier profile)


Note that Connectifier has not yet implemented the feature to specify a job from www.connectifier.com, but specifying a job is supported from the Connectifier sidebar. 

Here is a screenshot from www.connectifier.com:


Note that in the upper left corner, that green button that says “Export to Greenhouse” is what we do to add a profile to greenhouse. If you do it from that page, it won’t specify a job.

This is what the sidebar looks like:



There, you can see that the job is specified as “Software Engineer”. Note that currently the sidebar UI requires you first to click that box with the arrow in order to pop open the little dialog that allows you to Export the profile to greenhouse.