Greenhouse Onboarding: Release Notes 11/3/16

Our Product and Engineering teams have been hard at work putting the finishing touches on a bunch of amazing features for you and your team! 


Update Task Due Date when Start Date Changes
  • Did your New Hire push their start date back, so they could go to Hawaii before they start?
  • Have you already started their onboarding, based on their original start date?
  • Now you can automatically update the due dates on tasks, when changing a new hires Start Date! It's as easy as one click. 
  • Learn how here.
Multiple Attachments on Tasks 
  • New Hires and Admins can now attach or download multiple documents on a Task!
  • These documents will be saved on the Task if the employee needs to download them later
  • All documents will also be available on the Task View of the employee's profile. 
  • Learn more here
Admin Notifications when a New Hire completes their profile
  • When a New Hire completes all of the required fields on your profile, Admins will receive an email notification! 
Download Esignature Documents in the New Hire Flow
  • When your New Hire signs an esignature form like an i-9, NDA, or Employee Handbook, they can now download a signed copy from right within the New Hire Flow
  • Learn how here
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