With this integration, Greenhouse Recruiting users will be able to source, access, engage, and hire top sales talent from CloserIQ. You’ll be able leverage CloserIQ’s powerful sales hiring platform directly from Greenhouse, creating a streamlined approach for the entire sales hiring process.

Benefits of the Greenhouse Recruiting / CloserIQ integration:

  • Access to top sales talent: CloserIQ focuses solely on tech sales talent. Greenhouse clients will receive curated candidates who are qualified, interested and ready to interview directly in their Greenhouse account.
  • Live in Greenhouse: Any changes made in Greenhouse interview stages will automatically be synced back to CloserIQ’s platform. This allows Greenhouse clients to manage their candidate pipeline directly in Greenhouse without having to manage two systems.
  • Save interview time: CloserIQ has developed an informative and dynamic sales profile to allow employers to quickly evaluate their candidates. The audio intros from CloserIQ candidates augment their resume and cover letters to help hiring managers cut down on interview time.

Enable the Greenhouse Recruiting / Closer IQ integration

From your CloserIQ account, go to the Integrations tab on the navigation bar. If you don't see this tab, contact your dedicated CloserIQ Client Advisor to enable this feature.

On the Integrations page, click the Connect button to continue.


Click Authorize to grant CloserIQ API permission to your Greenhouse. If you're not logged in on your Greenhouse Recruiting account, you'll also be asked to do that in this step.



The integration is now set up.

Map your CloserIQ job posts to Greenhouse Recruiting postings so the candidates will be sent to the correct job. The roles are populated from Greenhouse Recruiting; please map them to the correct CloserIQ roles.

For each job post listed, select the corresponding Greenhouse Recruiting posting from the dropdown.


Add Candidates to Greenhouse Recruiting from CloserIQ

Once the CloserIQ-Greenhouse integration is completed, you'll receive new candidates from CloserIQ directly in your Greenhouse Recruiting account. Any stage update in Greenhouse Recruiting will be synced back to the candidate in CloserIQ.

From the Details tab in Greenhouse, you'll see CloserIQ candidates (Source will show Imported from CloserIQ). For each candidate, CloserIQ will send the following information (when available): Name, email, cell phone, current company, title, resume, and candidate highlights from their Talent Advisor (under Activity Feed).

In addition, you can view the CloserIQ profile via the Portfolio link that has the candidate’s audio Q&A and a gantt chart visualization of their work experience.