WayUp is the #1 way to hire the right students and recent grads. WayUp is the leading digital solution for employers to reach, engage, and recruit qualified, diverse talent for internships and entry-level jobs.

Greenhouse Recruiting's integration with WayUp allows users to source, access, engage, and track candidates from WayUp.

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Configure Greenhouse Recruiting / WayUp Integration

Navigate to your WayUp business profile to connect your Greenhouse Recruiting account and WayUp. 

At the bottom of the page, you'll see a section called Greenhouse. Click the Link with Greenhouse button. 


Note: You must have an appropriate subscription level to integrate with Greenhouse Recruiting. If you are not on a subscription tier with Greenhouse Recruiting included, please reach out to WayUp at smallbiz@wayup.com to upgrade your subscription. 

On the Greenhouse pop-up, click Authorize. You will be prompted to enter your Greenhouse credentials.


You will be prompted to enter your Greenhouse credentials. Once entered, click Next Step to complete the authorization. 


Once authorized, you will be redirected to WayUp and will see the Greenhouse integration button linked. 


Lastly, paste the link to your Greenhouse Job Board URL (for example, https://boards.greenhouse.io/{your_company}) in the designated field listed under the Greenhouse integration. Then, click Save at the bottom of the page.  

Linking your Listings to Greenhouse

Once you have linked your Greenhouse Recruiting account, you can start linking jobs. WayUp submits applicants you receive to Greenhouse automatically by linking your WayUp job to your job in Greenhouse.

Start by navigating to the Listings page in the WayUp platform. If you do not see the listing you're looking to link, please work with your Customer Success Manager to get these listings posted on the platform.


Once you have found the job you would like to link, click the dropdown under the Actions column. Click the option Connect to Greenhouse.


A screen will pop up showing you all of the jobs your company currently publishes to your public Greenhouse Recruiting job board, along with direct links to those jobs for reference.

Select the Greenhouse listing you would like to link.

Select Yes if you would like to import all existing applicants to this job in Wayup into Greenhouse while linking. Then, click Submit to link the jobs and send all future applicants to that job to Greenhouse Recruiting. Repeat this for each job you would like to link.


Note: New applicants who have passed the digital screen will be submitted as applicants (not prospects) to the linked Greenhouse job posting and will include their full resume as well as answers to any custom application questions that you have specified in your WayUp job listing.