With this integration, users will be able to source, access, engage, and track candidates from ROIKOI. 

Part 1

  • Ask a Site Admin with Advanced permissions to log into Greenhouse
  • Have them select Configure > Users > Your Name
  • At the bottom of the page, select Can manage ALL organization's API credentials
  • Save
  • Repeat for anyone else that should have access 

Part 2

Follow these steps to generate your API key:

  • Click the Configure tab
  • Click Dev Center
  • Click API Credential Management


On the API Credential Management page, click the Create New API Key button.


From the Client Application drop-down menu, select ROIKOI and enter a description for internal reference (although it is optional).


From there, send the API key over to your ROIKOI account manager to complete configuration


Candidates can be pushed from ROIKOI into Greenhouse.

  1. From search identify a candidate you wish to push into Greenhouse.


  1. Click on their ROIKOI profile and navigate to the ATS tab.

  1. You may select a Greenhouse job to associate with this prospect. You may also override their title which will appear in Greenhouse.  Details about this candidate which are in ROIKOI will be populated in Greenhouse.  The candidate in Greenhouse will have the following fields populated:
    • Name
    • Email(s)
    • Title
    • Company
    • Social profile links (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc)
    • Location
  • Notes on the candidate will be included for the following:
    • List of ROIKOI users who referred the candidate (email & name)
    • Candidate history including job title, company name, dates
    • List of skills
    • ROIKOI activity which includes dates of actions, names of action and who performed the action