Changes to Task Management!

Updates on Task Management:

We've been rolling out changes to our Task Management feature slowly but surely. Below we preview some exciting upcoming changes and review some changes already available in Production. 


Upcoming Changes
Task View When a task is created or selected it will pop out, making it easier to review and update information. Screen_Shot_2017-10-18_at_2.38.37_PM.png
Multiple Attachments - Tasks will support multiple attachments! If you need your new hire to upload two forms of ID, they will be able to attach and review both copies

Start Date & Due Date Update - Have new hire that changed their start date? When you change a new hire's start date, you'll be prompted to update the due date on all outstanding tasks


New Updates - Now in Production!
Due Date on Tasks - As an Admin or Super Admin, you can now set the due date for a Task on the Task, not the List. Having a due date on Tasks will allow you to have multiple tasks on one list that have different due dates. That means you can put all your IT or Manager tasks on one list, no more need to organize your Tasks by the due date! Learn more here
All Tasks has a new name! -  The All Tasks page is now called Tasks. Check it out here
Tasks for everyone!  Employees will now be able to view their own tasks on the Task page! Learn more here
Overdue Task Filter - The Tasks page now has an Overdue Tasks Only filter, so you can easily view all overdue tasks in your account. As an Admin or Super Admin, you can use this filter in conjunction with Bulk actions to quickly clear your account of Overdue items!  


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