Greenhouse Onboarding integrations: ADP Workforce Now FAQ

How does the integration work? Will information flow two ways? 

  • Our integration will push over New Hires to ADP. It will not pull information back from ADP. 
  • When you onboard a new hire, they will be required to fill in information like Gender, SSN, etc. Once they have provided all of the required information, you can select Add to ADP and an account will be created for them in ADP.


What information do I need to collect from my new hires for ADP? 

  • New Hires need to have the following filled out on their GHO profile in order to successfully create an ADP account: 
    • Legal Name
    • Work Email
    • SSN
    • Gender
    • Birthday
    • Start Date


What information can I sync between the systems? 

  • We can sync the following fields between GHO and ADP: 
    • Company Code
    • Benefits Eligibility
    • File Number (optional)
    • Department
    • Team (or Business Unit)
    • Location
    • Title
    • Address 
    • Race/Ethnicity
    • Personal Email
    • Personal Landline
    • Personal Mobile
    • Work Landline
    • Work Mobile
    • SSN
    • Federal Marital Status
    • Gender
    • Employment Status
    • Regular Pay Rate
    • Pay Rate Type (Hourly v. Salaried)


What information not be sync between the systems? 

  • We cannot sync: 
    • Emergency Contact
    • Manager
    • Custom Fields


I want certain people to be notified when someone is added to ADP through the Greenhouse Onboarding integration. How can I set that up? 

  • Our integration will process new hires using the HR + Payroll (System) Template in ADP. If you would like to adjust email notifications on that template, please reach out to your ADP representative. 


I have a custom template built to onboard employees in Workforce Now, can the new hires from Greenhouse Onboarding be put through that template?

  • No unfortunately we can only process new hires through the HR + Payroll (System) Template. 


I have other fields that are not on the list above that I want to push to ADP, can we set that up? 

  • Right now we can only sync the fields listed above, we can not sync any additional custom fields