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Manage Internal Posts and External Posts Separately

We've heard over time that people want to interact with their external candidates differently than their internal employees. Right now, the only way we support that use case is letting you put in different content that lets you advertise your job differently to those two groups. However, you were stuck having to ask the same questions to both sets of people, when sometimes it's appropriate to ask them totally different questions. To remediate this, we're splitting existing job posts into two - one that is external and one that is internal.

This will let you take all of the configuration of a job post - name, location, language, description, questions, thank you for applying, etc. - and have it be completely distinct between the external and internal post on a job. To get to this brave new world we've made a couple of UI changes. 


Editing the job posts of a job

Now when you go to edit the job post of a job - you'll be brought to a landing page that shows you each job post. You'll be able to view, edit, or update auto-tags for your external post and internal post separately from here.


Creating new job posts

Now when you're creating a new job post you'll be able to set it on either an external board of your choice, or the internal board. There can be only one type of each job post - so once you have a post of that type - you won't see those available in the dropdown anymore. 


Tracking Links/Referral Links

These stay the same! Tracking links will remain unchanged as each job can only have one external job post. 


Harvest API Methods

This method: won't change and will continue to list out all the available job posts your organization has. 

This method: will also not change. In order to not break the API contract we are making this method be backwards compatible. All internal content will still be available in this response to not break anyone currently using this method. However we will also introducing a (more correct) method simultaneously which we will strongly encourage folks to move over towards


Coming Soon!

These changes also nicely help set us up for another win down the road. Allowing jobs to have many job posts of many types. There are a couple of wins that will come with that:

* Setting the job board a job post is on will be more flexible once jobs can have many job posts. We won't limit how many external or internal posts you can have, so you can select them to go on any board at any time. 

* When you're sharing jobs, you'll be able to pick which post you're sharing to make sure you're sharing the right content. 

* The new API methods will reflect the flexibility in the new methods and let you configure your job boards to your heart's delight.