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Product tier: Available for Greenhouse Onboarding subscription tier

Greenhouse Onboarding's ADP Workforce Now integration provides a one-way sync between the platforms and allows your organization to collect New Hire information in Greenhouse Onboarding and then provision employee accounts in ADP.

Click here for more information on features related to the Greenhouse Onboarding/ADP Workforce Now integration.

Note: At this time, we can only sync US-based new hires due to required fields such as Social Security Number. This integration does not currently support ADP e-verify, or the transfer of documents, emergency contacts, managers, or other custom fields.

In this article, we will cover the necessary steps to take in ADP in order to prepare your account for the integration.

Please keep in mind that each step in this article must be completed for every company your organization has in ADP in order to use the integration successfully.

Once every step above is complete, notify your Greenhouse Onboarding representative.

Request ADP integration

To start, navigate to the Greenhouse Onboarding to ADP Workforce Now integration page in the ADP Marketplace.

Click Buy Now.

Provide consent in ADP

Once you have requested the Greenhouse Onboarding to ADP Workforce Now Integration navigate to the ADP Consent Manager.
  • Login (located in the top right corner of the page) with your ADP User ID associated with the Marketplace subscription.
  • Click on the blue Manage icon on the right side of the page and choose "Allow".
  • Confirm that the Greenhouse Onboarding app is listed under Allowed Consents once the page refreshes.

Export and send ADP information to Greenhouse Onboarding representative

Once you have requested the integration through the ADP Marketplace, you will need to export the following options from ADP and send them to Greenhouse Onboarding Representative:

Department Location Business Unit
Marital Status Gender Ethnicity
Worker Category Title  

For more details on how to export this information from ADP, click here.

Forward ADP company code to Greenhouse Onboarding representative

You can find your organization's ADP company code by navigating to an employee's profile or by reaching out to your ADP Client Rep.

Confirm ADP HR + Payroll (System) template is active

After the ADP information and your organization's company code are sent to your Greenhouse Onboarding representative, navigate to your ADP account.

Navigate to Setup > Template Management > Hire/Rehire.

From the subsequent list of templates, locate your organization's HR + Payroll (System) template. Confirm that Yes is selected under the Activate? column for this template.

Confirm file numbers are automatically created in ADP

From your organization's ADP account, navigate to Setup > Tools > System Options > Payroll > Standard Options.

On the Standard Options page, click the box next to Auto-assign Next File # on New Hires so a check is in the box.

Confirm defaults set for State Worked In and SUI / SDI State Fields

Note: Your organization can modify this default information for individual employees from their profile in ADP once they are added to ADP.

From your organization's ADP account navigate to Setup > Payroll > Company Options.

Select an option for State Worked In and SUI / SDI State, respectively.

Note: In order to better service your needs, please fill out the short survey about the integration here.

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