What should I do if I can’t register my root domain in Greenhouse?

In order to send emails successfully to your users and candidates you’ll need to first register your domain with Greenhouse. However, you may not be able to register your root domain with Greenhouse for a few reasons:

  1. Your IT team may have strict policies on adding new DNS records to your root domain
  2. Your root domain may already have been registered with our email provider (Mailgun)
  3. Your root domain’s SPF record may already generate the maximum of 10 DNS Lookups

If you aren’t able to register your root domain in Greenhouse, we recommend registering a specific subdomain: “gh-mail.” To register that subdomain, add “gh-mail.” to the beginning of your root domain. For example, if your root domain is example.com, your full subdomain would be gh-mail.example.com.  


Why gh-mail?

We recommend using this particular subdomain because it allows your users to continue using their normal email addresses in Greenhouse. In most cases, the domain registered in Greenhouse needs to match the domain in your users’ email addresses. For example, if your root domain is example.com and you registered recruiting.example.com, your users would all need to change their email addresses from {user}@example.com to {user}@recruiting.example.com so that their email addresses would match the registered domain in Greenhouse.

Our developers created gh-mail as a solution to that problem. When you register your subdomain as gh-mail, all of your users will be able to continue sending email from their normal email addresses in Greenhouse. For example, if your root domain is example.com and you register gh-mail.example.com, your users will still be able to send email from your normal {user}@example.com email addresses.


How do I register gh-mail?

Navigate to your Email Settings page in Greenhouse and take the following steps:

  1. Enter your “gh-mail” subdomain in the registration box. For example, if your domain is example.com, you would register gh-mail.example.com.

  2. Click “REGISTER”. This will register your domain and generate DNS records that need to be added by your IT team. This should include one SPF record, one DKIM record, and two MX records. NOTE: If you already have your root domain registered in Greenhouse, Mailgun may not generate a DKIM record for your subdomain. If you notice that your DKIM record is missing, please reach out to tech-support@greenhouse.io.
  3. Click the button that says “EMAIL YOUR I.T. DEPT” to generate an email to your IT team detailing the DNS records that they need to add. Alternatively, you can copy the records yourself by clicking “Show verification details.”

  4. Once those records have been added by your IT team, check your Email Settings page to ensure that the domain has been verified. Click the box that says “Check DNS Records Now” to receive an up-to-date status of your domain’s verification progress. NOTE: It may take up to 48 hours for DNS changes to propagate online. If your new domain doesn’t become “Verified” right away, try checking back in a couple of hours!

That’s it! Once the gh-mail subdomain shows as verified, your Greenhouse emails should send successfully to your users and candidates.


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