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Product tier: Available for Greenhouse Onboarding subscription tiers

Once the Greenhouse Onboarding / ADP Workforce Now integration is enabled for your organization, certain employee fields can be synced across both systems. There are a few sequential steps needed to ensure fields in Greenhouse Onboarding are correctly synced to ADP Workforce Now.


To prepare for the sync, your Greenhouse Onboarding Customer Success Manager will need to map your organization's Greenhouse Onboarding fields and selection options to ADP Workforce Now. Contact your organization's Customer Success Manager with a list of fields you would like synced and they will begin the process. Below are the available fields that can be mapped and synced through the integration:

  • Department
  • Location
  • Business unit
  • Marital status
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Worker category
  • Title

Once the Customer Success Manager is finished mapping your organization's fields to ADP Workforce Now, you are ready to sync a field's selection options using the ADP validation table (ADP values).

Retrieve ADP validation table (ADP values)

A field's selection options are assigned an ADP value. This is an external ID provided by ADP Workforce Now. You will need to assign the correct ADP Value to a field's selection option in Greenhouse Onboarding.

ADP values are stored in ADP validation tables. To download, navigate to your ADP Workforce Now account and click Setup from the navigation bar.

Click Validation Tables underneath the Tools header.

From the Validation Tables page, you can easily navigate to a validation table.

After you have clicked the desired validation table, click Download. The validation table will save to the designated location on your computer.

Open the downloaded validation table. The ADP value and selection option can be found in the Code and Description columns, respectively.

Download a validation table for every field that will be synced between Greenhouse Onboarding and ADP Workforce Now.

Apply ADP values to fields

Using the validation tables downloaded from ADP Workforce Now, your organization can assign the ADP specific values to selection options for a field.

Navigate to a field in Greenhouse Onboarding by clicking Settings on the navigation bar and expanding Company Info on the left-hand panel.


Click Fields.

From the subsequent list of fields for your organization, select a field that will be synced with ADP Workforce Now.

Navigate to the Selection Options section of the field. Since your organization's Customer Success Manager mapped this field during the Preparation step of this process, you will find a new ADP Value column to the right of each selection option's display name.

Use the appropriate validation table to input the ADP Value next to the corresponding selection option.

Note: ADP Values must be unique.

Click Save when finished.

Tip: Your organization can copy and paste the entire Description column from the validation table into the Display Name column in Greenhouse Onboarding. Similarily, copy and paste the Code column from the validation table into the ADP Value column in Greenhouse Onboarding.

The field and its selection options will be synced between Greenhouse Onboarding and ADP Workforce Now. Repeat as necessary for other fields.

Note: Adding an ADP Value to a selection option for a field will invalidate that selection option for any current employee. Employee selections made in regard to this field will need to be manually updated from the employee profile. Additionally, any future edits made to the Display Name or ADP Value for a field will invalidate that selection option for any current employee and those selections will need to be updated.