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Once the Greenhouse Onboarding / ADP Workforce Now integration is enabled for your organization, certain employee fields can be transferred across both systems. Follow this article in sequential order to ensure Greenhouse Onboarding fields are synced to ADP Workforce Now successfully.

Step 1: Preparation

To prepare for the sync, your Greenhouse Onboarding Customer Success Manager (CSM) needs to map your organization's Greenhouse Onboarding fields and selection options to ADP Workforce Now.

The following fields are available to sync from Greenhouse Onboarding to ADP using validation tables:

  • Department
  • Location
  • Business unit
  • Marital status
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Worker category
  • Title
NoteThis article only covers employee fields that can be synced using validation tables. Review our FAQ for a full list of employee information that can be transferred using the integration. 

Contact your CSM with a list of fields you'd like to sync and they will begin the mapping process between Greenhouse Onboarding and ADP.

While your CSM performs the mapping process, follow the steps below to export the validation tables in ADP. 

Step 2: Retrieve ADP validation table (ADP values)

ADP values are stored in ADP validation tables. To download the validation table, navigate to your ADP Workforce Now account and click Setup from the navigation bar.

Click Validation Tables under the Tools header.

From the Validation Tables page, click the validation table you'd like to download.

Click Download to save the validation table to the designated location on your computer.

Open the downloaded validation table. Locate the ADP value and selection option in the Code and Description columns. 

Repeat this process for every field that will be synced between Greenhouse Onboarding and ADP Workforce Now.

Once completed, send the validation table(s) to your CSM so they can complete the mapping process by applying the ADP values to the appropriate fields in Greenhouse Onboarding. 

Update the field's selection options in Greenhouse Onboarding

A field's selection options are assigned an ADP value. This is an external ID provided by ADP Workforce Note.

Using the downloaded validation tables from ADP Workforce Now, your organization can manually assign each ADP value to a field's selection option in Greenhouse Onboarding. 

Note: This step is for customers who have already completed setup and need to edit an existing selection option. Any updates to the Display Name and ADP Value are invalidated for current employees and must be updated manually from their employee profile. 

In Greenhouse Onboarding, navigate to Settings Fields under Company Info 

Screenshot of the fields settings page.

Select a field from the list that will be synced with ADP Workforce Now.

Navigate to the Selection Options section.  

Use the appropriate validation table to input the unique ADP Value next to the corresponding selection option (Display Name).

Tip: Copy and paste the Description column from the validation table into the Display Name column in Greenhouse Onboarding. Similarly, copy and paste the Code column from the validation table into the ADP Value column in Greenhouse Onboarding.

Click Save when done.

The field and its selection options are now synced between Greenhouse Onboarding and ADP Workforce Now. Repeat as necessary for other fields.