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Product tier: Available for Expert subscription tier

BI Connector is a Greenhouse Recruiting data tool available for organizations with an Expert subscription. It allows you to retrieve your organization's data in a format that can be readily plugged into a Business Intelligence (BI) tool for advanced reporting needs.

For customers using BI Connector, Greenhouse will transfer your data to an Amazon S3 bucket owned and controlled by your organization. Your organization can then access your S3 bucket to download your files locally, or upload your files to your BI tool of choice. 


Note: Alternatively, we can send your files to an Amazon Redshift bucket. Your organization then can connect your BI tool to Redshift to pull your data from Greenhouse Recruiting. Please note the Redshift option is not available for organizations in Silo: 101.

Below, you can find an index of additional resources for you and your team to get the most out of BI Connector. For questions and support, please click here to contact our Support team. 

Documentation on data and reports:

  • Data schema: Subscribe to our Release notes to be notified any time there is a change to the data schema. Schema files can be downloaded here, and are best opened with a text editor like Sublime (free) after you change the file extension from .txt to .sql.
  • Guide to data tables – a guide to each data table
  • Data model – a simple description of how certain data tables relate to each other

Thought leadership and best practices

Greenhouse Recruiting Support

For any questions about Greenhouse Recruiting that do not relate to the data available via the BI Connector, including support for the Harvest API, please contact:

  • Your Customer Success Manager (if applicable) for strategic questions about Greenhouse and product requests for Greenhouse Recruiting
  • Customer Support via this link for usability questions, including for essential Greenhouse Recruiting reports

Amazon S3 and Redshift Support

The data available from the BI Connector is stored in either your S3 bucket or an Amazon Redshift cluster that is managed by the Greenhouse team. For a guide to connecting Amazon S3 to a Redshift cluster, please refer to Amazon's documentation here. For a guide to connecting to Redshift, please refer to the Redshift documentation. The main methods are via a compatible business intelligence/analytics tool (see shortlist of official Redshift Business Intelligence Partners), a SQL query tool, psql, or programmatically via Java or .NET.

Note: Organizations with a Greenhouse Recruiting account in Silo: 101 cannot configure BI Connector using Amazon Redshift.

Tool-Specific Support

If you have any questions about the analytics tool you are using — including error messages — they are best answered by the provider of your analytics tool.