is a tech recruitment marketplace dedicated to matchmaking top tech professionals with curated job offers from top employers. With a chronic tech skills shortage across the globe, high-caliber candidates are in high demand and yet are still lost in the noise of generic job boards or overlooked by recruitment agencies that lack increasingly complex sector knowledge.

Greenhouse Recruiting's integration with allows you to source, access, engage, and track candidates from

Enable the integration

To enable the integration, log into

Go to your company profile page and click the Integrations tab.

Find the Greenhouse tile and click Connect. integration image

Enter your Greenhouse email address and password and click Authorize. integration image

You'll see a success message at the top of the page confirming that the integration is live.

The Greenhouse tile on your Integrations page will also now have a Disconnect button. integration image

Use the integration

Add candidates to Greenhouse Recruiting

On your dashboard, you’ll be able to select a job in and pair it with a job in Greenhouse Recruiting.

Open the job in integration image

On the Job dashboard, click Pair with Greenhouse in the top right corner of the page. integration image

You'll now see the list of all of your Greenhouse Recruiting jobs. Select the job that you'd like to pair with and click Pair. integration image

Enable the Automatically export candidatescheckbox to receive candidates automatically in your Greenhouse Recruiting account. This way, when completes reviewing a candidate, you won't need to sign in to to manually export them.

If you would prefer to manually export candidates from to Greenhouse, untick the Automatically export candidates box.Then, follow the steps below for each candidate you'd like to export to Greenhouse:

Open the candidate's application in and click More.

Click Export to Greenhouse. integration image

Track Greenhouse Recruiting candidates in

You'll also be able to track a candidate's Greenhouse Recruiting status within

On the Application screen, find the Greenhouse application status tile and click Sync.This will update the record with the current state of the application in Greenhouse Recruiting. integration image

Additional resources

If you have questions or need additional support using this integration, reach out to at wegotyourback@Landing.Jobs.