Permissions: Job Admin and above

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Broadbean lets you access an enormous network of job boards, including free and niche sites, and conveniently allows you to use one platform to multi-post your job advertisements.

Greenhouse Recruiting's integration with Broadbean helps you post and manage jobs to your preferred advertisement channels all through Greenhouse Recruiting.

To make your open jobs available to Broadbean, you’ll need to send your job board URL.

Navigate to Configure > Job Boards & Posts > Ellipsis icon next to job board > Edit Board Settings and scroll to the URL field.

Once you have this URL, send it to Broadbean.

The Job board URL field is highlighted by a marigold emphasis box

Click here for a more detailed walkthrough of how to locate your job board URL.

Once the two platforms are linked via the API secret key, anyone wishing to use the integration should add their Broadbean username in Greenhouse Recruiting.

Generate a job board API key

Next, you’ll need to create a Job Board API key for Broadbean.

Follow the steps in this article and use the information below when creating your API key:

  • API Type: Job Board
  • Description: Broadbean Job Board API Key

Click here for more detailed information on setting up a Job Board API key for a partner.

After you generate your API key, contact your Broadbean account manager to connect your Broadbean API secret key to your Greenhouse Recruiting account.

Use the Broadbean integration with Greenhouse Recruiting

Note: Any of your users that want to use the integration will need to complete this step.

Select Integrations on your navigation bar.

Search for Broadbean and click Connect.

Put your Broadbean username in the Username field, then click Save.

The Connect to Broadbean integration button is highlighted by a marigold emphasis box

With the Greenhouse Recruiting / Broadbean integration setup complete, you can now go to any job with a live external job post and export it to Broadbean.

To export a live job post to Broadbean, navigate to the job in Greenhouse Recruiting and click the Sourcing tab > then click Job Ad Market.

Click Export to Broadbean to begin sending the job from Greenhouse Recruiting to Broadbean.

A job named Copywriter shows the Export to Broadbean button highlighted in a marigold emphasis box

You will be taken to the Broadbean platform where you can choose all the job boards you wish to post the job to. You can also edit any of the advert details, and finalize the posting here.

The Broadbean platform shows an example job

Once the job advertisements have been reviewed, you'll be taken to a confirmation step. Click Continue to return to Greenhouse Recruiting.

The Broadbean platform shows Continue button

Now that you've sent a post over to Broadbean, a new section of the Third-party boards page in Greenhouse Recruiting will appear to show you:

  • What boards you've posted to and the links to those live posts
  • The number of clicks on those posts
  • The overall activity and status of those posts
  • The option to republish the posts, delete all of the posts, or delete individual posts