We know how busy a modern recruiting team can be, so we have provided quick access to commonly used pages in Greenhouse via keyboard commands through the quick search bar. Instead of just searching for a single job, Job and Site Admins can specify which page within the job to land on.

Tap the forward slash (/) key on your keyboard to pull up the quick search bar, then type in the job you wish to search for.


Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to select the job from the resulting list, then tap the enter or return key on your keyboard.

Note: Clicking the job with your mouse to select will navigate you directly to the Job Dashboard for that job, and will not provide you the option to specify a different page within that job.


The quick search menu will expand to show specific pages associated with that job. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard, or your mouse, to navigate to and select a page.


You will be directed to the selected page for the specified job. 


Depending on your permissions, you can also use the quick search bar to search for individual users and navigate directly to their user profile pate (Configure > Users).