Greenhouse Onboarding's integration with ADP Workforce Now provides a one-way sync between both platforms, allowing you to collect new hire information in Greenhouse Onboarding and then provision employee accounts in ADP.

Please be aware that due to configuration and testing, it can take up to two months to get the integration up and running.


Using a one-time push per new hire, you can provision new accounts in ADP Workforce Now when an employee is onboarded in Greenhouse Onboarding


  • The integration only syncs with the HR + Payroll System template in ADP and must be enabled
  • Due to required fields such as SSN, only US-based new hires can be synced to ADP
  • The integration doesn't support the transfer of documents, emergency contacts, managers, or other custom fields
  • The integration syncs active new hires only (versus pending hires) and as such, doesn't support ADP onboarding, E-verify, and electronic I-9s
  • A default State Worked In is required for all new hires added to ADP

How it works

The integration sends information based on the employee’s work email address.

When a new hire is added to Greenhouse Onboarding, they are required to fill out the following information:

  • Birthday
  • Gender
  • Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Legal Name

A Greenhouse Onboarding Admin is required to fill in the new hire's start date, work email address, and many of the fields listed below. Once that information is provided, a Greenhouse Onboarding admin can add the new hire to the ADP by selecting the Add to ADP button on the Admin view of the employee profile. Keep in mind that fields are not updated once they're pushed over.

The following information can be sent to ADP:

  • Company Code
  • Benefits Eligibility
  • File Number (optional)
  • Department
  • Team (or Business Unit)
  • Location
  • Title
  • Personal Email
  • Personal Landline
  • Personal Mobile
  • Work Landline
  • Work Mobile
  • Federal Marital Status
  • Work Category
  • Regular Pay Rate
  • Pay Rate Type (Hourly v. Salaried)
  • Birthday*
  • Legal Name*
  • Start Date*
  • Work Email*
  • Gender*
  • SSN*
  • Address
  • Race/Ethnicity

The fields with an asterisk are required for a successful integration. If you do not want this information stored in Greenhouse Onboarding, you are unable to provision new accounts in ADP using the integration.

Next steps

If you’re interested in the ADP Workforce Now integration, please reach out to Greenhouse Technical Support or complete this short survey

If you have already purchased the integration, review the resources below to learn more.

Additional resources