Task Management Update: Filtering, Sorting, and Searching for Tasks

We’ve made some exciting improvements to Task management! Admins and Super Admins can now filter, search, and sort across all tasks in your Greenhouse Onboarding account, by going to the new All Tasks page.

Learn how to use the new All Tasks page here

What's New:

    • Figure out which employees are not completing their tasks, by filtering tasks by Task Assignee to see all of the outstanding tasks the task assignee has across your entire onboarding class.
    • Find out how onboarding is differing between offices by filtering tasks by Location
    • Pull up the same task for multiple employees, so you can mark them complete in one fell swoop, by searching by the task name
    • See all overdue tasks in your account by sorting by task due date.
    • Bookmark results to come back to those results at a later time



What’s Next:

  • In the coming weeks’ we will be introducing Bulk Actions for tasks!
  • Bulk actions will allow you to bulk re-assign, and bulk complete tasks


Learn More:

  • Learn more about our new Task options here!
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