Greenhouse Onboarding: Testing your onboarding flow

If you want to go through your onboarding as a new hire, we recommend that you that you put yourself through the new hire flow as an employee. 

To do this you will need to use two different internet browsers and an email besides your work email address.  

Onboard a test employee

  1. Go through the onboarding flow outlined here. Before completing the flow, read all of the steps below. '
    1. If you are using Greenhouse Recruiting, we recommend creating a fake candidate in the recruiting platform, and then pushing it through to Onboarding by marking it as Offer Accepted. 
    2. This will allow you test if all of the expected fields are coming over with your hired candidates.
  2. Leave Email blank on the onboarding screen
  3. Set the start date as a date in the future
  4. For Personal Email you can do one of two things: 
    1. If you are using a Google powered email address, you can easily create a fake email address that will be delivered to your email. If you add "+example" to the end of your email, our system will see the email as unique, but the emails will still be delivered to your inbox
      1. Ex: If my email was, I could type in, onboard the employee, and the email will still be delivered to my inbox.
      2. This will allow you to create multiple users in your Grenhouse Onboarding account, but will ensure all emails will be delivered to your inbox. 
      3. This will only work if your work email is powered by Google apps. 
    2. If you do not have Google apps, you can use another email, like your own personal email, as the test employee's personal email. 
  5. Remove all of the Admins from the list, except the Admins that want to receive email notifications about the test employee
  6. Assign Esignature forms and Templates
  7. Complete onboarding

Go through onboarding flow

  1. 10 minutes after onboarding, you will receive an email at your Personal Email address (or whatever email you used as your Personal Email address). 
  2. There will be a link in the email that will take you into the Onboarding flow:
    1. If you are logged into Greenhouse Onboarding, please log out before clicking the link in your email. 
    2. If you cannot log out of Greenhouse Onboarding, open the link in a different internet browser, or in an incognito window
  3. You will be taken through the Onboarding flow as the new hire, and can fill out any or all information. 

Remove the test employee

  1. Once you have gone through the onboarding flow, and are happy with the content, you will need to remove your Test Employee
  2. As a Super Admin go to the test employee's profile, then select Task View
  3. Select the Delete button in the upper left hand corner 
  4. Select Ok
  5. The test employee has been removed!