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What does the permission level 'Can create and view private candidates / prospects' do?

By now you've surely gotten comfortable with customizing and creating your own custom Job Admin permissions, and not a moment too soon! We have yet another exciting permission to throw into the mix to give you even more control over your account!

Can create and view private candidates / prospects was previously accessible to Site Admins as a user-specific permission, but this new stripe allows you to create variations of job admins that can create and manage private candidates on specific jobs while limiting their access to candidates on others. That means you could create a permission level that allows Hiring Managers or Recruiters to continue to work with candidates after marking them as hired!

Whether a candidate is Private occurs on the candidate-specific level, so if you make a candidate private on one job, they will be private on all their other jobs as well. A user only needs permission to create and view private candidates on one job a candidate is on in order to make them private on all of their jobs, so new Job Admins with this ability should take care that they aren't marking a candidate private who should still remain public on other jobs.