Bulk Task Actions, Email Editor, and More!

It's been a big week for our product development team! We're excited to role out TWO new features, and some pretty awesome updates as well! 


Bulk Task Actions: 

As an Admin or Super Admin you can now manage multiple Tasks at once with Bulk Actions! 

  • Bulk Reassign: Have an employee going on leave and need to reassign their oustanding tasks? Bulk reassign them to whoever is taking over while they're out!
  • Bulk Complete: Just completed the same task for 20 new hires? Mark all the tasks as complete at once!
  • Bulk Delete: Need to delete some Tasks that were left over from an old employee, or were assigned by accident? You can now delete multiple tasks at once!
  • Learn more here!


Email Editor: 

As an Admin or Super Admin you can now customize and preview the emails your new hire receives from Greenhouse Onboarding! 

  • Specify: Want your San Francisco new hires to receive different email text from your New York employees? Create custom templates and apply rules for new hires in a different Locations, Departments or for different Employment Types!
  • Personalize: Personalize your emails by pulling in Tokens like First Name, or Start Date so every email is unique to the employee receiving it.
  • Preview: Once you've created a Template, preview it to see what your new hire's will see! 
  • Learn more here


Team Pages: Add a Member to a Team from the Team Page!

Our Team Pages got a face lift! 

  • By popular request, you can now add a team member to the team from the Team Page!!! Learn how here
  • If your Team is a Location with an address specified, a map will now show up on the Team Page
  • Cover image space will be collapsed unless a cover image is uploaded


Accessing Esignature Documents

A few of you rightly pointed out that it didn't make sense that Admins could download documents with sensitive employee information (like SSN), when Admins we're not allowed to see that info in the app! We heard you!

E-signature signed documents are now only visible to Super Admins. 

Employees can still download signed copies of their esignature documents by visiting https://onboarding.greenhouse.io/employees/me/tasks.

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