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I use JumpCloud for SSO. How do I enable the integration with Greenhouse?

* Please note that SSO is not available for organizations in Greenhouse on our basic subscription tier.

After logging into the JumpCloud console as an administrator, click on Applications i​n the sidenav. Click on the green +​​ icon to add a new app:

In the Configure New Application ​window, search for ‘Greenhouse’ and click configure

In the Greenhouse configuration window, replace the default values with your company’s specific values in the following fields:

Upload a private key and matching public certificate (for additional information on generating private keys and public certificates, see the note at the bottom of the page). Click Upload IdP Private Key​ and upload your private key. Click Upload IdP Certificate ​and upload your public certificate. Now your Greenhouse configuration window should look similar to this:

Click activate ​to complete the configuration in JumpCloud.

Fill out the form at to request that single sign on be enabled for your account and include the following information:

  • Single Sign On URL: ​
  • Single Log Out URL​:  
  • IdP Certificate Fingerprint:​Copy and paste your public certificate fingerprint here (for additional information on determining your SHA1 certificate fingerprint, see the note at the bottom of the page)

Greenhouse will complete the configuration and coordinate with you to determine exactly when SSO should be enabled for your organization. It's important that this launch is carefully timed, because you'll need to instruct users about the change.

* If a new user has a JumpCloud account but not a Greenhouse account, Greenhouse will automatically create a Greenhouse user account the first time they log in via JumpCloud. They'll be created with Basic permissions. Administrators can still invite users and change permissions in Greenhouse.

* Data will be unaffected. Your users will still have access to all of their existing jobs, scorecards, interviews, etc. JumpCloud only changes the way people log in.

Note On Private Keys/Public Certificates:

To configure JumpCloud for SSO, the administrator needs a private key in addition to a public certificate. For an example of generating signed certificates on Linux, see below. Please refer to other guidance for generating keys on other operating systems.

  • Create a private key: `openssl genrsa ­-out private.pem 2048`
  • Create a public certificate for that private key: `openssl req ­-new ­-x509 ­-key private.pem ­-out cert.pem -­days 1095`
  • Determine the SHA1 fingerprint for the public certificate: `openssl x509 -­sha1 ­-in cert.pem -­noout -fingerprint`