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User Roles

Every user who is added into your system will be assigned at least one of our built-in roles. These roles will determine which features they user can access when in the system. When new users are added to Greenhouse Onboarding they will automatically be assigned to the Employee role.

In this article we will briefly cover the various roles that pre-programmed roles in Greenhouse Onboarding: Super Admin, Admin, and Employee. Additionally, we will cover how to create and add permissions to a custom role, and change a user's role. 

You can access Greenhouse Onboarding's permissions and roles page by clicking Settings from the navigation bar and navigating to Permissions from the left-hand panel.



Super Admin 

Super Admin roles should be assigned to users who should have access to all the information and features in Greenhouse Onboarding. With this role, the user will be able to edit and adjust any employee information and any company content. Permissions belonging to the Super Admin role include:

  • Create and manage roles
  • Add additional Admins or Super Admins
  • Delete employee records
  • Manage integrations
  • Onboard employees
  • Access Tasks dashboard 
  • Report on custom fields 
  • Access Task View of employee profile,
  • Access documents,
  • Manage non-custom fields Legal Name, Birthday, Email, and Employment Status,
  • Manage Account Settings. 



Admin roles should be assigned to users who only need to access and report on specific information. The Admin role will allow users to pull reports and manage onboarding. You will need to assign an additional custom role to the user to determine what fields the user can view and edit. Permissions belonging to the Admin role include:

  • Onboard employees
  • Access Tasks dashboard  
  • Report on custom fields
  • Access Task View of employee profile
  • Manage non-custom fields Legal Name, Birthday, Email, and Employment Status
  • Manage Account Settings



All users added into Greenhouse Onboarding are given Employee roles by default. The Employee role is assigned to users that do not need to complete any administrative duties in Greenhouse Onboarding. Users wth the Employee role can access other employee Profiles, Pages, and Company Info.


Custom Role

Custom roles allow your organization to create unique permission groupings suited to your organization. They can be added to individual users or assigned to all users belonging to a certain group. Custom roles can also be combined with Greenhouse Onboarding's built-in roles to create very specific levels of access. 

To create a custom role, click Add Role in the Roles panel on the Permissions page. 


From the right-hand panel you can give the new custom role a Name, select all the access permissions for the role, and grant the custom role additional permissions to Access Employee Documents.

Add new users and groups to this custom role by clicking +Add New User.


When you have finished, click Add Role.


Add/Change a User's Roles

If you ever need to change a user's role, navigate to the Permissions page (Settings > Permissions). Select the desired role you want to assign to the user.

From the Users with this permission level panel, use the dropdown menu to add a user to the role.  

Additionally, you can remove a user from the role by clicking Remove to the right of the user's name.

When you have finished, click Update to save your changes.