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Greenhouse Onboarding: New Hire Onboarding Experience

New Hires will be taken through a customizable onboarding experience that will teach them about your company's mission and values, show them how to get to their new office, introduce them to their manager and teammates and give them the opportunity to fill out paperwork and provide personal information. 

Below we will walk through each step of the flow and tell you how Admins can build out each piece in Greenhouse Onboarding. 

In the below video we discuss how to build out the cultural components of your new hire Onboarding experience

Video Guide: 


Your Next Step Email

Your New Hires will receive an email from Greenhouse Onobarding, with the subject 'Your Next Step.' Learn more about this email here.  

The Your Next Step email will be sent 10 minutes after you onboard the employee in Greenhouse Onboarding.

Google Apps and SSO: The Get Started link in the email will automatically log the employee in to Greenhouse Onboarding and take them to the New Hire Experience. This link will only be active for a set amount of time. Please reach out to your Customer Success rep if you want to want to change the amount of time the link will be active for. 

Email and Password: The Your Next Step email will contain a username for the new hire, and the new hire will be prompted to enter a password in order to access the Onboarding flow. Once they have set up their account, they will be redirected to the New Hire Experience. 


Onboarding Guide

  • Onboarding Guide: Employees by default will be assigned an HR Manager. We'll feature the HR Manager as a point of contact on the "Onboarding Guide" page. The HR Manager's information will be available so that the new hire can reach out to them if they have any additional questions during the process. There will be an informational blurb that is pulled directly form the HR Managers "About" section.

The HR Manager will default to the user that has added the employee to Greenhouse Onboarding. You can change this person while you're onboarding the employee. 

  • Your Turn: Below the Onboarding Guide, the employee will be prompted to provide their preferred name and a profile image.  



Us - 1:51 in the video above

The Us tab will introduce the new hire to the company and provide more context is like as a whole. 

  • Company Photo: Your Company Photo will be displayed at the top of the Us page. Instructions on setting your Company Photo can be found here
  • Mission: Below the Company photo, your Mission will be displayed. You can edit your Mission here
  • Location: The new hire will see all of the Locations your company has. Clicking on the map will open up the office location in Google Maps. The location for these maps will be pulled directly from the addresses you have entered in the Team settings

The new hire can click on the name of the Location to see more info about the Location, including images of all the employees that work in that office. 

If a location is set for the new hire, it will have a marker next to it (see New York below). 

  • Values: Your company values will also be listed on this pulled into this page, so that the new hire can get a better idea of what your company stands for.

Values can be entered and edited on the Company page



History - 4:24 in the video above 

On the History tab your new hire will review the History of your company. A Milestone can be anything that you believe is a significant event for your company. Anything from your founding date, to the day you started putting Starburst candy in the kitchen.

To add a Milestone go to the Company tab in Greenhouse Onboarding, go to Company History. Select Edit, and then New Milestone. Enter in your Milestones information, and select the blank white space if you'd like to upload a photo. When all of your Milestone have been added, select save. 


You - social clubs outlined at 1:51 in the video above

This page will detail how the new hire will fit into the company. They will be able to see the office location that they will be working out of, other new hires that are starting the same time as them. 

  • Employee Location: The employees office location will be displayed at the top of the page. 
  • Onboarding Class: If any employees are starting in the same week as the new hire, they will be shown under Onboarding Class. If there are no employees starting in the same week, this area will be hidden. 
  • Manager: The new hire will be introduced to their Manager and their teammates. 
  • Team: Teammates will be made up of any other employees that report to the same manager as the new hire. A new hire can click on a teammates photo to reveal more information about them and even invite them to grab a coffee! New hires can see what teams or social clubs their teammates belong to and even join the same clubs. 
  • Social ClubsAny teams that employees have permission to join will be displayed here. The new hire can click on the team and join it, and also send the team a note. 
  • Education: The new hire can add their education and see what other employees attended their school. 

An employee is not required to enter their degree or the years they attended school. 

If a school is not available, let your Customer Success rep know. 






The "Paperwork" tab is where the new hire will put any additional information that you may need to collect from them. This can be anything from social profiles to t-shirt size. You as the admin will have the ability to group these fields as you see necessary.


  • Esignature: If you have assigned the new hire an esignature form during onboarding, it will appear here. The new hire can select it and sign it within the onboarding flow. 
  • Fields: The new hire will be prompted to fill in additional information about themselves. You can control what these fields are and which are required when you build out your company's custom Fields. 

If the new hire does not fill out all of their required info, they will receive daily reminders to log back in and complete their information. 



The "Resources" tab is where you can add company pages. You can take pages that are already in your Greenhouse Onboarding account and add the New Hire tag to them, so that they appear during the new hire flow.  


Get Started

This is the last page in the new onboarding flow and where we will check to ensure that all of the necessary information has been captured.

If a new hire has left information blank or elected to skip it, we will prompt them to fill out this information again before they can proceed into Greenhouse Onboarding. Similarly, if a new hire exits the flow before all of the information to proceed is captured when they return to Greenhouse Onboarding they will be asked to fill out the remaining missing information before they log in.

Once the new hire has successfully added all of the proper information, they will be able to enter Greenhouse Onboarding!