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Sneak Peek: Updated Candidate Profile

Update — May 2nd

We're getting closer to releasing the next portion of the updated candidate profile — this time around, it's the Offers section of the Private tab! The Private tab will now house private notes and private candidate fields, but the meat of the offer process (the offer itself, approvals, offer documents, etc.) will now be nested within each application.

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By now you've surely seen the first in a series of UI changes we'll be making to the candidate profile in the very near future!

The goal with this update was to better display the various jobs a candidate is on, as well as tie existing job-specific information and functionality to the job it applies to. A candidate can have one source per job, so we've moved that information into the Stage tab where it is more clearly associated to one position, while the Recruiter and Coordinator will apply to all jobs a candidate is on, so that information will remain on the Details tab indefinitely.


This update also sets up a much more drastic change that we hope to release in the next week or so. We will go one step further to consolidate other job-specific information into the redesigned 'Stage' tab — Application information, Scorecards, and Offers.

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First, we've rebranded the Stage tab to show the number of jobs the candidate is currently on. This new On X Jobs page contains sub-tabs for other functionality on the candidate's application.

The Application Questions were removed from the Details tab and added to a new sub-tab called Application, which also shows the specific attachments related to this job. All candidate attachments also remain on the Details tab for reference.

Next, the Stage information was moved to a new sub-tab, but the functionality will not change any more than it already has.

Continuing down, we removed the Scorecards tab from the top of the candidate profile and recreated it as a sub-tab. The basic functionality will not change, but scorecards will now be nested under the job they came from instead of appearing in one long list.

Finally, users with access to Private information are able to create and view offer information directly on the new Offer sub-tab. The Private tab will still host any private candidate custom fields as well as private notes, so it will not be entirely deprecated.

As part of this update, we also added the On X Jobs tab for interviewers, although they only see the same information they can access now (Application and Scorecards). This hopefully is a more consistent experience for users who have mixed permissions, since the only thing that will change between an interviewer and Job Admin are the sub-tabs that appear and disappear for them. Prospects also have a scaled-down version of this page as well.

UI changes can be disruptive, but we believe that these adjustments will be a strong improvement in the long run. They move us closer to our goals of a more consistent experience for users of various permission levels while also reorganizing important information and functionality in much more logical and intentional format. We hope you agree! 

After the candidate profile, we have plans for other UI improvements throughout the app, so make sure to subscribe to this section for a head's up about future design changes!