Why aren't agencies automatically notified if their submitted candidates are duplicates?

We occasionally hear from customers that it might be nice to automatically alert agency recruiters if the candidates they submit are suspected to be duplicates. While there are definitely areas of the agency experience that we plan to streamline, we believe this specific request would cause more harm than good and wanted to share our rationale.

When agencies are auto-notified of duplicates, it can be less than ideal for a few reasons: 

1) Most companies have agreements with agencies that limit the agency's ownership over a candidate —For example, a company might stipulate that an agency can 'own' a candidate for 6 months. If Agency A submits a candidate on 1/1/2014 and Agency B submits a candidate on 1/1/2016, Agency B should get credit. But with duplicate notifications, Agency B would get a notification that their submission wasn't valid, which is false. 
2) When an agency receives an auto-duplicate notification, it compromises the candidate's confidentiality. A candidate could be working with multiple agencies and may not want any of them to know about the other parties. In other cases, the candidate may have been referred or prospected into the account without their knowledge before the agency can submit them, so it could cause even more confusion if the candidate is confronted by the agency. All of this makes for a really bad experience for the candidate.
3) A candidate might be engaging with someone on the recruiting team without having been added to Greenhouse yet. If an agency submits their profile and doesn't receive a duplicate notification, they may erroneously believe they will receive credit for the submission when this may not be the case.
In short, the process of assigning credit to an agency is not particularly black and white for most companies, and having an auto-duplicate notification removes recruiters' ability to make judgement calls and communicate appropriately to the relevant parties.