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Greenhouse Onboarding: Filtering, Sorting, and Searching for Tasks

With Greenhouse Onboarding's tasks, Admins and above have visibility into all completed and in progress Tasks, across all employees. Our task management flow makes it easier to onboard large classes of new hires, by giving you the tools to drill down to see who is completing their work, and who is running into blockers.


How do I use the Task page? 

To access Tasks, as an Admin or Super Admin, select the Tasks tab option at the top of the page.

On the Tasks page you can filter, sort, and search across every task and every active employee in your account. Terminated employees will not appear in the results. 

For example, if you have 1507 incomplete tasks in your account (don't worry, everyone does), and you're not sure why, you can now drill down and see who hasn't been completing their work.




You can filter your tasks by: 

  • Who is responsible - Select an employee's name from the dropdown and pull up all tasks that have been assigned to that employee
  • Person the task is for - Select an employee's name from the dropdown and view all of the tasks that have been assigned to get the employee Onboarded.  
  • Person's Department - If you have a new class of engineers starting, you can filter the task list by department, to only see new hires that are in the Engineering department
  • Person's Location - If you have multiple offices, and you want to see how onboarding is going in San Francisco vs. New York, you can filter by Location to view progress for the employees in that specific office
  • Peron's Employment Status - If you have employees with different employment statuses, and you want to see how onboarding is going for Full-Time vs. Part Time, you can filter by Employment Status to view progress for the employees in that specific status
  • Person's Other Criteria  -  If you're using Other Criteria to customize Onboarding Plans, you can filter to see all New Hire's that were assigned that Other Criteria during onboarding
  • Include Completed - Show all tasks in your account, included ones that have already been completed.
  • Show overdue Tasks Only - Filter your list to show only tasks in your account that are overdue
  • Include tasks not yet assigned - When selected, Tasks with a future assign date will appear in the list. If this is not selected, only Tasks that have already been assigned will appear in the list. 



You can search for a task or narrow your already filtered results by searching by: 

  • Task Name
  • List Name
  • Text in the Task description



You can sort the columns of your searched and/or filtered results by selecting the column header. 

If you need to see all of your Overdue tasks, Sort the List Due Date tab by selecting the column. 



If you need to edit an already assigned Task's name, content, or who it's assigned to, you can edit it from the Task page, by opening the Task and making your changes! 



What's Next? 

Learn how to Bulk re-assign, complete, or delete your Tasks with bulk actions!