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What is 'Manual' scheduling? How do I use it?

TAG: scorecards

There are a number of different ways to schedule right from Greenhouse, but sometimes people simply prefer to do things in a native calendar instead. For anyone in this camp, we have a way of scheduling that will hopefully simplify things for you — Manual Scheduling.

After clicking Schedule Interview, click the Settings dropdown on the Scheduling Modal seen here:


In the resulting dropdown menu there is an option to select which type of calendar you want to schedule to, from that list of options select Manual


A number of fields will disappear, but you'll still be able to choose a template and make changes before copying the whole body over to your clipboard. This template always includes the interview kit URL, so any event you schedule directly from your calendar can still sync back to Greenhouse normally! 

From there, just head over to any calendar program you want, add a new event, and paste in the content. After you add the attendees and, you can simply send the invites to your guests to see it appear in Greenhouse!