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Manual Scheduling


Note: Some organizations have been updated to a new version of the scheduling process. If the steps in this article do not align with the workflow you see after clicking Schedule Interview or Schedule All on the candidate's profile page, please click here to learn more about the updated process. 

There are a number of different ways to schedule right from Greenhouse Recruiting, but you might prefer to schedule directly in a native calendar instead. Manual Scheduling allows you to generate the details you need for scheduling in Greenhouse Recruiting, and then copy and paste those details into a new event in your external calendar. 

To use Manual Scheduling, click Schedule Interview on a candidate's profile. 


On the Schedule Interview page, click the Settings dropdown. 


Click the Calendar dropdown and select Manual



A number of fields will disappear from the Schedule Interview page, but you still will be able to select a template and make changes, then copy the entire Description field over to your clipboard. This template always includes the interview kit URL, so any event you schedule directly from your calendar can still sync back to Greenhouse Recruiting. 


Once you have configured the Description and copied it to your clipboard, navigate to your calendar application, add a new event, and paste the copied information into the body of the new event. After you add the attendees and the Greenhouse calendar email address, send the invites to your guests. The event will appear on the candidate's Greenhouse Recruiting profile shortly. 

Note: If the Greenhouse calendar email address is not included as a guest, the interview and any subsequent updates to it will not be reflected in Greenhouse Recruiting.