Greenhouse Onboarding: Changing from Current Permissions to Custom Roles

If you are an existing Greenhouse Onboarding client and you want to change your current Permissions set up to include Custom Roles, follow the instructions below. 


As an existing client you most likely currently have some users assigned as Super Admins, and some users assigned as Admins. The difference between these two roles is set at the Custom Field level. For most organizations, Super Admins can see Salary and SSN, where Admins cannot. 

The first thing you'll want to do is create a Custom Role that has the same custom field permissions as your current Admin role. You will then move all of your current Admins into this Custom Role. 

Create Custom Role for Existing Admins

  1. Go to Admin > Settings > Permissions
  2. Note the custom field settings for the Admin role
  3. Under Custom Roles select Add
  4. Name the Role something like Greenhouse Onboarding Admin
  5. Add the users that are currently set as Admins to this role
  6. Save

Set up Admin permissions

  1. Do not remove your old Admins from the Admin role, since they will still need to access Reporting and Onboarding.
  2. In the Admin role begin changing the custom field permissions to match the Employee custom field permissions
  3. If your not sure what your Employee custom field permissions are, put the Employee role into edit. For the most part, this will be view or no access to fields. 
  4. Save
  5. You can now assign anyone with a Custom Role to the Admin role to give them access to Reporting and Onboarding, but will not give them access to sensitive information for all employees. 

Begin Creating Custom Roles 

  1. Begin creating Custom Roles for the different employee types in your company. Some examples include Managers, HR Specialist, IT Specialist, etc. 
  2. If you want anyone that has a Custom Role to have access to reporting or onboarding, you can add them as an Admin, without giving them access to any other sensitive info. 
  3. You may find as you're creating roles that your original Admins fall into one of the specified roles. If that's the case, you can move them into that Custom Role and remove them from the Greenhouse Onboarding Admin custom role, or just remove the Role entirely. 
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