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Greenhouse Onboarding: Pages

This article is about Greenhouse Onboarding. If you are looking for help on Greenhouse Recruiting please go back to your search results or the homepage and choose the option that does not begin with Greenhouse Onboarding. If you have any questions about what articles to use, please reach out to chat support.


Pages can act as your company wiki and should be where you detail important information like Holidays, PTO Policies, Company Perks, Expense and Travel Policies, and anything else that is regularly relevant to your employees. 


To access Pages go to either the Things to Know tab located in the top navigation bar or, the Things to Know section at the bottom of the Home page > Pages. You can control who can edit Pages under Settings > General > Company Page Edit Permissions. 





To create a Page select +Create Page. A page will be added to the bottom of your list of pages and will be called New Page. Select New Page. 

  1. Select Edit Page and give the page a unique name. 
  2. To add content to your page select Add Section. 
    1. Please Note: The first Section you create, will be the last one on the Page when you are done. Sections are added on top of each other. You can reorder Sections, which is outlined later in this doc. 
  3. Where it says "Type Your Title" type in a name for your Section.
  4. Where it says "Type in your Content" type in the text for the section. 
  5. Make sure to Save your work as you go, by selecting Save at the top of the page. 



Edit Text

You can edit the text of your Page by selecting it, and then using the menu that appears. 

  • Heading Style: To change the Header style select H1 on the menu. This will format the text as a sub-heading within your Section. 
  • Bold: To make text bold, select the text and then select Ctrl + b (Command + b on a Mac) on your keyboard. 

Add Content

You can add additional content to your Page by linking out to other areas, or embedding media. 

To add in additional content, select some text and you'll see the menu appear. On that menu you can: 

  • Link out to another site or another spot in Greenhouse Onboarding. Paste in the link that you want to the text to go to and select Enter. The text will now link out. 
  • Link to an employee's profile in Greenhouse Onboarding. You can use this option if you are telling people who to contact, or if you want to link to one of the Founder's profiles. 
  • Link to a Team page in Greenhouse Onboarding. Similar to linking to an employee's profile you can link to a Team page. You may want to do this if the Team needs to be contacted to complete a job (maybe the IT department), or if you want to introduce the HR team to anyone reading the article about office policies. 
  • Link to a Page in Greenhouse Onboarding: You can link to other Pages you have created in Greenhouse Onboarding. For example if you are detailing your PTO policy and have the Sick Leave or Maternity Leave detailed on other pages, you can link out to those relevant pages. 
  • Link to Documents: You can upload documents (like Employee Handbooks, Sexual Harassment Brochures, or company photos) in the Settings >Branded Assets >Documents section of Greenhouse Onboarding. On a Page, you can then link to those documents uploaded. When selected by an employee, the content will download to their device. 
  • Image: You can embed an image in your page by selecting text and then selecting the image icon. Please note: the image will replace any text you select, so make sure the text is something innocuous like '...' 
  • YouTube: You can also embed YouTube videos into your Pages. To do this, highlight some text, select the YouTube menu option, and then paste in the YouTube video url. Maybe your CEO made a big presentation at a conference and you want to share it with your staff, embed it on a page for everyone to watch in Greenhouse Onboarding. 


Reorder Sections

Once you have created all the content you can reorder your Sections. To reorder Sections select Save (if your content is in Edit mode), and then select Reorder Sections. 

Hover over the Section name until you see the crosshairs and then drag and drop the section into the spot you want it to appear. 

When you are finished ordering your Sections select Done Reordering. 


Reorder Pages

You can also reorder your Pages from the Pages landing page. Select Reorder Pages. 

Hover over the three lines on the left hand side of the Page name until you see the crosshairs and then drag and drop the Page into the order you want. 

When you are finished ordering your Pages select Done Reordering. 


Labels will help your employees filter content. From the Pages landing page, you can select a filter and only pages with that filter will appear.

To create a label, from the Pages main page, select Create Label. Type in the name of the label, and hit Enter/Return. The label will now be available for you to apply to Pages. 


To apply a label to a Page, open the Page and select Add Label. Select the Label from the dropdown, and it will be added to the Page. 



Featured: If you use the Featured label on a Page, it will appear in the Documents box on the Home page. 

New Hire: The New Hire label will present a specific page to a new hire during their onboarding process.


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