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Greenhouse Onboarding: Team Pages

This article is about Greenhouse Onboarding. If you are looking for help on Greenhouse Recruiting please go back to your search results or the homepage and choose the option that does not begin with Greenhouse Onboarding. If you have any questions about what articles to use, please reach out to chat support.

Team Pages list all employees that are a part of the team, and include additional information about the Team. 

Learn how to create Teams here


Team Pages

To access a Team Page go to Company > Teams. 

Join: If you land on a team page and are not a part of that team, you can select Join and will be added. 

Image: You can change or add an image of the team by selecting the circle at the top of the page, and uploading the image of your choice. 

Email: Add an email to your Team page so other employees know how to get in touch with the team. Any prop notifications will be emailed to this address. 

Description: Provide a description of your team so other employees will know what your team does or how to contact it. 

Props: Give your team a Prop! Let your team know how awesome they're doing, or how happy you are they reached their deadline. 

Employees: A list of employees on the team will appear with a thumbnail of each employee. To add an employee to a team go here. 

Activity Stream: The activity stream will pull in content from team member's Facebook, Github, Twitter, and LinkedIn. To find out more about Activity Streams go here