Greenhouse Onboarding: Google User Check

With Google User Check, your new employees can see what email address options are available during their onboarding. 

With Greenhouse Onboarding's Google User Check:

  • There are no more emails back and forth about what a new employee's email address should be
  • Eliminates confusion on if the email should use the employee's legal name or nickname
  • Admins or Employees can easily see during onboarding what email addresses are available.
  • If you don't want your employees choosing their own email addresses, we can turn this feature on for Admins only. 



How it works: 

  • Greenhouse Onboarding will check for email availability against your Google Apps account, so the email address doesn't even have to be present in Greenhouse Onboarding at the time of checking. 
  • Greenhouse Onboarding will check against all emails, including aliases and distribution list addresses. 
  • When an Admin onboards an employee, they can check what email addresses are available for the new employee. 

- OR -

  • If the employee is onboarded with just a personal email address, the new employee will have the chance to enter their desired email address to see if it's available. 

 - THEN -

  • Your IT team can check Greenhouse Onboarding to see what email they should create for the new employee. 
  • Once given access to their new work email, the new employee will be able to log into Greenhouse Onboarding and access their Greenhouse Onboarding account from their work email address. 



  • Please Note: To set up the integration, you must be an Admin of Greenhouse Onboarding and an Admin of your Google Apps account.
  • Log into Greenhouse Onboarding and as an Admin and go to Settings > Integrations
  • Under Google Apps select Add
  • When prompted, authorize your Google Apps account for Greenhouse Onboarding
  • Contact Client Success and let them know you've requested the integration and well complete the final steps of setup. 


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