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The Dashboard will be your central hub for managing the Onboarding and Offboarding of employees. You can oversee all employees that are currently going through an Onboarding, Offboarding, or Retention workflow, and review any tasks that current employees have to complete for Workflows. 

This article will provide intstructions on how to use the Onboarding Dashboard, the Offboarding or Retention Dashboard.


This tab will detail any employees that have been assigned a template with the label Onboarding, and that are within the first 90 days of employment at your company. You can click on any employee's name to be taken to their profile. 


This tab will detail any employees that have been assigned a template with the label Termination, and that are within 30 days of their termination date.  


This tab will detail any employees that are assigned templates, and that have been employed at your company for more than 90 days. 



You can click through the status banner to drill in on where employees are in the Onboarding process. As you drill down you will see the number of Employees, Tasks and Esignatures change. 

  • All Onboarding: All employees currently going through the Onboarding workflow

  • Preboarding: Employees that have a start date set for a future date.

  • 1st Week: Employees that are in the first 7 days after their start date. 

  • 1st Month: Employees that are between the 2nd week and 4th week of employment

  • Settling In: Employees that have been employed between 30 - 90 days

In Progress:

The In Progress list will show a list of all employees currently going through a workflow. 

  • Name: Name of the employee that is either going through an Offboarding, Onboarding, or Retention workflow

  • Date: Start Date or Termination Date of employee

  • Department: Department the employee is listed as being a part of in Greenhouse Onboarding

  • Office: Location team the employee is a part of in Greenhouse Onboarding

  • Unsigned Docs: Will show how many esignature documents the employee still has to sign
  • Remaining Tasks: Number of tasks that have to be completed by the employee and/or other employees to complete the workflow


You can Filter the entire In Progress area by selecting a name from the dropdown. Both the In Progress and Task List view will filter to reveal tasks the employee has to complete on for each person going through a Workflow. This is a great way to check in on the progress of an individual. Say you have an IT employee that has to complete the same task for 5 new employees. You can filter by the IT employee's name and see who he has completed the task for and who he still has to work for. 


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