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Profile pages are how employees can learn more about specific coworkers. The Profile page will contain any information submitted by the employees, including contact info, interests, and affiliated departments. Employees have editing permissions on their Profiles and can update their information at anytime.

Admins and above will also be able to edit Employees profiles. If you want to lock down certain fields so that employees cannot change information, change the editing permission on the Field (learn more here).

You can access an employee's profile by searching for their name and then selecting the employee search results. Profiles are also accessible by selecting the employee's thumbnail image or name anywhere they appear in Greenhouse Onboarding. 

As an Admin, you can also view a Task View version of the Profile. Learn more here

Any employee can access their own profile by going to




The image can be added by the employee or an Admin and will represent the employee's profile throughout Greenhouse Onboarding. 

Can it be edited?: Yes. To change the image on your profile, hover over the circle at the top of the page. If no image has been added yet, the circle will display the initials of the employee. 


Contact Information:  

This box will also remain on the same spot on the profile and will display the employees' name, email, phone number, and title, if it has been entered. 

Can it be edited?: Yes, an employee can edit their Contact information by selecting Edit in the lower right hand corner of the box. 





Employees can add their degrees and schools to the Education box. Please note: If 

Can it be edited?: Yes, the employee can change this information at any time. 



Employees can provide a brief description about themselves, so that their coworkers can get to know more about them. When a new employee is onboarded, their About section will be featured in the New Coworker email that is sent to the entire company. 

Can it be edited?: Yes, the employee can change their About section at anytime. 


Additional Information:

Any additional Fields that you have added to Profiles, and that all employees can see and edit, will be displayed here. 

Can it be edited?: Yes, the employee has permission to update these fields. 


Private Information: 

If you have created a Field that can only be viewed and edited by Admins and above, but that the employee can still edit, it will be displayed in Private Information. Only the employee whose profile it is, and an Admin or Super Admin can see this box. It will be hidden from other employees. An example of this type of field would be something like a T-Shirt size. You want the employee to provide their T-shirt size, but you only want that information accessible by Admins or Super Admins. 

Can it be edited?: Yes, the employee will be able to update their information for these Fields at any time. But they do not have control over who can see this information. 



The employees' manager will be displayed here. Clicking on the manager's name or profile picture will take you to the manager's profile page. 

Can it be edited?: Depending on what permissions you have made around the Manager Field, the employee may be able to edit this field. 




If the employee is a Manager, the employees that report to them will be displayed here. 

Can it be edited?: No, this is aggregated from the Employee/Manager relationship in Greenhouse Onboarding. If an employee needs to be added or removed from a Reports list, the manager will have to be changed on that employee's profile. 



All teams that the employee belongs to will be displayed here. Clicking on the team name will take you to the Team page. 

Can it be edited?: Yes an employee can add or remove themselves from Teams, and can add and remove other employees from Teams. 




Next Steps: As an Admin and above you will also be able to view the Task View of a Profile. 

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