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The Onboarding Workflow will allow you to add a new employee to Greenhouse Onboarding and assign them an onboarding template and any documents they need to sign. You can then track their onboarding progress in the Workflow Dashboard. 

Please Note: If you are using an integration with the Greenhouse ATS, you may skip a portion of the onboarding process outlined below. Take a look at our integration page for more information on the onboarding flow when sharing info across both systems. 



To Onboard an employee go to Dashboard > Onboard New Employee. 

Enter the First Name, and Last Name of the employee. Our system will predict what the email is for the user based on the standard format of your company's email address. 

Provide a Start date for the employee. 

Select the Manager and Department for the employee. Please Note: This information can be filled out later if it is not known immediately. 

Notify Admins: 

A list of admins that will receive a notification that the employee has been added to Greenhouse Onboarding will appear on the page. If you don't want an admin to be notified, remove their name by selecting the trash can. 

When you have entered all relevant information, select Continue. The employee has now been added to Greenhouse Onboarding and will receive a "Added to Greenhouse Onboarding" email


Now that your employee has been created you can assign Templates and E-signature docs to them. 

Select the e-signature docs you would like to apply from the dropdown. You can select as many as needed. 

Next select the Templates you would like to apply to the employee. You can select as many Templates as needed for the employee. For example, the employee is a Full Time Engineer in San Francisco, so he would be assigned the the Full Time template, the Engineering template, and the San Francisco template. 

When you are finished selecting Templates, select Assign Templates. When you select Assign, everyone that has a task to complete for the employee will receive an email notification as well as a notification within Greenhouse Onboarding.

The employee that you assigned the template to will only receive a notification if you have assigned them any specific tasks. 



Now that your employee has been created, and the onboarding workflow has been kicked off, you can fill in information about them. 

The Fields that you have added to Greenhouse Onboarding will appear here. We recommend that at a minimum you fill in all of the Fields that have a lock next to them, since these are only editable by an Admin and above. If you do not know the information at the moment, you can always come back and edit it at a later time on the employee's profile. 

The Fields that do not have a lock next to them can either be filled in by you, or can be filled in later by the employee. 

When you have finished entering information select View Summary. 




On the final page of the onboarding process take a moment to review your work (and maybe pat yourself on the back). On this screen you can review when the employee starts, and how many tasks are outstanding for their onboarding process. 


From here you can select to go their Profile, or you can select Preview First Day which will show you what the employee will see the first time they login to Greenhouse Onboarding. 


Next Steps: Keep track of employees going through Onboarding on the Onboarding Dashboard.  



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