Manage Sourcing Automation permissions

Permissions: Site Admin, and users with CRM access and a Sourcing Automation admin seat

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers with the Sourcing Automation add-on

Site Admins and users with a Sourcing Automation admin seat can enable organization-wide Sourcing Automation permissions in Configure.

When these permissions are turned on, all Sourcing Automation users can perform lookups and send campaign messages on behalf of configured Gmail aliases.

Access Sourcing Automation permissions

From your Greenhouse Recruiting dashboard, navigate to Configure.

On the Configure page, click Sourcing Automation.

Sourcing Automation page in Configure with General settings displayed

Update general settings

You can enable or deactivate the following permissions for your entire organization's Sourcing Automation instance.

Turn on email and phone lookups

These settings allow Sourcing Automation users to perform automatic email or phone lookups when they're uploading prospects in the Greenhouse Recruiting Chrome extension.

Check the Use lookups to find prospect email addresses box to enable email lookups.

Check the Allow phone number lookups in the Chrome extension box to enable phone lookups.

Note: Email lookups need to be enabled to turn on phone lookups.

Allow Gmail aliases

When this setting is enabled, Sourcing Automation campaign pool owners can send step messages on behalf of a Gmail alias. This allows your recruiting team to use one shared email account to reach out to prospects and receive prospect responses.

Check the Allow Gmail aliases when sending a campaign step box to enable Gmail aliases.

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