Parklet is now Greenhouse Onboarding

We’re excited to announce that Parklet is now Greenhouse Onboarding.

Starting on Monday, April 4, Greenhouse Onboarding (formerly Parklet) can be accessed at


FAQ About the Rebrand

  1. Why are you rebranding?
    • Greenhouse acquired Parklet in November of 2015 and the rebrand is part of our continued work to merge the two products into one. To learn more about the acquisition go here
  2. What is changing?
  3. What do I need to do?
    • We want to make sure your employees are not confused when they are asked to sign in to Greenhouse Onboarding, as opposed to Parklet, so please share this info widely. 
    • Update any email filters to account for the new email address. 
  4. What about my new hires that are currently being onboarded, will this affect them?
    • Your new hires’ onboarding flow will not be interrupted and they will be able to complete their onboarding without issue.
  5. Why am I being asked to sign into Greenhouse? 
    • Our login page will feature Greenhouse branding since we are now officially a Greenhouse product (woot woot!), but you are actually logging in to Greenhouse Onboarding. Once you log in, you will be taken to Greenhouse Onboarding
  6. Awesome, does this mean I'll only need one login for Greenhouse Onboarding and Greenhouse Recruiting?
    • No you will still have to log in separately to each app. The accounts will be separate for the time being. 



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