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Link Custom Application Question to Candidate Field


Custom application questions are a great way to gather important information from candidates. Unfortunately, candidate responses to your application question can be difficult to notice and report on. If there is a vast difference between application question on jobs, there is no clear, easy-to-use solution to display candidate responses on my many different jobs (even when exporting to a spreadsheet).

Greenhouse Recruiting allows your organization to link custom application questions to a field on the candidate profile. This puts the information front and center, and  allows your organization to export a whole list of candidates from various jobs into a spreadsheet to do your own reporting on these responses.

To link an existing custom application question to candidate field click All Jobs from the navigation bar and select a job from the subsequent list.


Click Job Setup and navigate to Job Posts on the left-hand panel.


Navigate to a job post from the list and click edit.png inline with the job post name.


From the Edit Your Job Post page, navigate to the How candidates apply for this job section and click edit.png inline with a custom application question.


From the subsequent dialog box, click Yes underneath Automatically add the answers from this question to a field in the candidate's profile.

Select a candidate field from the Custom Field dropdown menu. Custom application questions can be linked to standard or custom candidate fields. For more information on how to create and configure a custom candidate field, click here.

Note: Custom application questions can only be linked to the following candidate field types:

  • Short Textbox
  • Long Textbox
  • Yes/No
  • Single Select
  • Multi Select


Note: The custom application question will inherit the Privacy and Type settings of the candidate field selected.

Click Done when finished. The custom application question will be linked to candidate field

Navigate down the Edit Your Job Post page and click Save to confirm that addition.


A linked custom application question appears the same as any other application question.

Once a candidate submits an application, their responses to linked application questions will appear in:

  • Candidate Profile > Details > Additional Details
  • All Candidates > Profile Details > Custom Field 

Note: If you export a list of candidates via the Export feature on the All Candidates page, these values will appear, even if you are filtering by multiple jobs at the same time.


If the candidate field is deleted from your system, the linked application questions will convert into unlinked questions, but their content will remain the same as before.